Vincent Tchenguiz wins £1.2 million for betting on Donald Trump

By | November 12, 2016

vincent-tchenguiz-wins-1-2-million-for-betting-on-donald-trumpVincent Tchenguiz, a 60 year old London based billionaire and property tycoon put a bet on Republican presidential Candidate Donald trump and he earned a whooping £1.2 million from the bet after Trump is elected.

Tchenguiz made an investment of amount £350,000 in a couple of betting companies like Betfair and Spreadex and that yielded him a massive profit of amount £850,000.

The London Based billionaire was very surprised that “how everyone in America and in the world” is so stunned that Trump actually won the election.

Mr. Tchenguiz said that I don’t think it is all about black or white, but I now think that people are so shocked about the results.

He also said that “I once thought that Clinton is going to lead because she was doing really well at the early voting counts, when I was staying at CNN, and then I was about to go to sleep, but somehow I turned on the TV and switched on to fox news and then I realized that Clinton is not winning and it’s almost equal.

He said that I am very happy that I’m at the winning side and it really feels great, when you do achieve like that. It was simply amazing for me, it can’t be described.

He also made his point by saying that let’s see, what trump is going to do and what would be his policy for the world.

There are some problems in the world such as with European Union, Brexit Factor in United Kingdom, USA jobs going to Chinese companies and no economic growth in many parts of the world.

Most of the bookies of the Great Britain such as William Hill, said this election was their largest political betting event.

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