WCOOP 2016: German nilsef wins event#9, while Russian nafnaf_funny wins Event#11

By | September 8, 2016

wcoop-2016-german-nilsef-wins-event9Nilsef, a German poker professional is the new champion of the event#9 of WCOOP 2016. The event was $1,050 buy in No Limit Hold’em, single draw and 2-7 championship, which attracted 145 entries, out of which 104 entries and 41 re entries, and generated a prize pool of amount $145,000.

Top 14 places of the event get paid, while the most of the money belongs to a player from Germany named nilsef, who took home $30,511 as winning total.

The final table of the day 2 included 7 players such as:-

Shaun “shaundeeb” Deeb (174,808), fish_san from Japan, 293,984 , WATnlos from Germany 597,875, Connor “blanconegro” Drinan (Mexico) — 405,849, Unemployed (Hungary) — 420,012, nilsef (Germany) 500,711 and Vincent “Vingtcent” van der Fluit from Netherlands, who had total 506,761 chip counts.

Meanwhile the final prize distribution was as follows:-

The first player got eliminated from final table was Shaun “shaundeeb” Deeb, who made $6,846 and completed at seventh place, while Japanese fish_san fixed for sixth place for $8,783.

Fifth, fourth and third places were for Connor “blanconegro” Drinan($11,267), Vincent “Vingtcent” van der Fluit($14,453), and Hungarian Unemployed9) $18,541).

German nilsef won the championship title by defeating another German player named WATnlos. nilsef collected $30,511, while runner up received $23,785.07 as winning share.

WCOOP 2016 Event#11: Russian nafnaf_funny collected $19,545

nafnaf_funny, a poker player from Russian federation won event#11 and collected $19,545 as winning total. The event was a $230 buy in FL Omaha Hi/Lo, which received 426 entries from the poker world and gewcoop-2016-event11-russian-nafnaf_funny-collected-19545generated $124,800 as total prize pool. Top 48 finishers of the game received some amount of money.

The final table began with nafnaf_funny (715,967 in chips), Bertmobile(826,801 in chips), and DaCus3(713,745 in chips).

recusant_89 (162,872 in chips),xiaohuiwan (79,852 in chips),zzwwzzwwzz (244,668 in chips),homasapiens (875,449 in chips) and ViTaMin_F22 (540,646 in chips).

The first player who hit the rail was xiaohuiwan from China $2,737. He was at eighth place. recusant_89, a Russian native moves out to seventh place for $3,700.

Sixth, fifth and fourth places were for German DaCus3 ($5,002), Chinese ViTaMin_F22($6,761) and homasapiens from Poland $9,140.65.

The three handed game included nafnaf_funny, zzwwzzwwzz and Bertmobile of United Kingdom. nafnaf_funny earned the pot and the title, bringing this tournament to its conclusion and by collecting $19,545. Meanwhile runner up zzwwzzwwzz got $15,156, whereas Bertmobile received $16,935, being third, in a three handed deal with rest of the top 2 players.