WCOOP 2016: Russian CalmRevolver Wins Event#7, whereas UK’s shamthedon wins Event#8

By | September 6, 2016

WCOOP 2016 Russian CalmRevolver Wins Event#7The WCOOP for the 2016 is currently in process at PokerStars and the event#7 of this particular tournament belongs to a pro poker player from Russia named CalmRevolver. This was a $700 buy in No Limit Hold’em 8-max progressive KO and the winner collected the first prize of amount $89,677.03 + $37,058(in bonus).

The runner up of the event was Canadian relmat, who took home a winning total of amount $64,477.60 + $3,678.

The tournament attracted 1,782 players worldwide and generated a good pool prize of amount $592,515. Top 215 places of the game were paid out.

The first player who hit the rail at the final table was Austrian TheFan83, who made $8,908.64 + $14,288 (in bonus) from the tojrnament and busted to eighth position.

Next player who got busted to seventh position was Lavrik-mastr from Kazakhstan, who collected $12,390.19 + $4,187 as winning total.

The sixth, fifth and fourth positions of the game were for deathNtaxes2 from Denmark, who made $17,232.35 + $23,339.07, fviana (Brazil) $23,966.81 + $6,182.36 and 1BigAceHole (Australia) $33,333.17 + $19,342.93.

Meanwhile three handed game then included players such as OMGitshunt, who busted to third place for $46,359.97 + $6,561.62, relmat (the runner up of the game, who made $64,477.60 + $3,6780 and the winner CalmRevolver, who was ablr tto collected the first prize i.e $89,677.03 + $37,058.29 by topping a hugh field size.

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UK’s shamthedon wins Event #8, $700 PL Omaha of WCOOP for $53,453.07 + $6,769.12 in bounties

A pro poker player from the United Kingdom named shamthedon wins the event#8 of the WCOOP 2016. The event was a $700 buy in Pot Limit Omaha, 3 Max games, which received 591 entrants and generated a cash prize pool of amount $393,015, out of which ($294,651 regular prize pool, $98,253.75 bounty prize pool. Top 68 places of the game were paid out.UK’s shamthedon wins Event#8 of WCOOP 2016

The battle to win the title of this event began in between top three players who had most of the chips in their hands and they were:-

Seat#1 for Vladimir “vovtroy” Troyanovskiy from Russia, who had 1,536,842 in chips, seat#2 for Kory “s00tedj0kers” Kilpatrick from Costa Rica (2,963,437 in chips and UK’s shamthedon (1,409,721 in chips).

It was s00tedj0kers who hit the rail at the final table and was out from the race. He took home $17,717.55 + and amount of $5,197.63 in bounties.

Vladimir “vovtroy” Troyanovskiy collected a winning total of amount $30,860.91 + $2,015.67 in bounties, being second, meanwhile and shamthedon becomes the winner for a total $53,453.07 + $6,769.12 in bounties and the title of the championship belongs to the United kingdom’s professional poker player.