Win Jackpot Poker at America’s cardroom

By | May 10, 2015

The Americas cardroom is providing you the best of the jackpot poker to win. This is first of its kind in USA and no other portal in US market is giving you such opportunity to play for sit & Go where you can win $25,000 in few minutes. This is a three man hyper- turbo sit & Go kind of gaming to which you can take advantage to win lots of real money.

What is jackpot Poker :- This is a very real, fast paced and a three man playing sit & Go game to which you can take part after making your sign up account here through this site and can win lots of money i.e. $25,000. This is very rare and a great opportunity for the US players looking to play online poker at their own computer or at mobile. This is Hugh. With a very little amount of buy-in starting from $2, $10 and $40, you can win anywhere between 2 to 2,500 more money. It simply means that you would have a chance to win as much as $1,00,000 in very few minutes.

Hence if you really would like to win more real money with using very little by-in you should not wait for another time and should make your sign up account just clicking here right now. Believe me you would be at a safer side and could win thousands of dollars without any big investment. Now the question is how to play for jackpot Poker? Please go through the steps below and you would come to know how you can simply play it for real money.

In this the first thing is to join the portal and then download the software. After downloading the software you will have to make your sign up account then just deposit some money and make a buy in for either $2,$10 or $40 ( whatever you like to invest).

The next step is to select the number of simulation tournaments you would like to play at Americas cardroom.

Then click at the amount button for jackpot poker.

After registering three players a random draw would take place for the tournament prize pool.

Then the prize pool will be shown to each of the three players, in which the first hand would take place for deal and then comes the jackpot poker.

It’s a kind of winner takes all the money unless one of the highest prize is being hit. Check this out and have great fun playing poker at internet with the help this site.