WPT Returns to Vienna for another poker festival

By | February 17, 2016

WT Vienna season XIVThe world poker tour has returned to a promising city of Europe i.e. is in Vienna for the twelve day long poker festival. The festival will be held Montesino Pokertainment Centre, from March 9 and will conclude on March 20 at one of the best poker destinations in Europe. The satellite for WPT warm up of €40 will be on March 9 at 19:00, whereas the first event kicks off on March 10, at 17:00 for €340 buy in and €200,000 guaranteed prize.

The CEO of Montesino Karl Novak said that he and “Montesino” is very excited and delighted to welcome back the prestigious world poker tour championship season XIV and it is expected to attract hundreds of top and quality players from all across the world and Europe because of some great buy in events are available, Novak Added.

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Some Important events of WPT Vienna XIV are as follows:-

March 10:- The World poker tour Warm Up day 1a of buy in of €340 and €200k Guaranteed. On March 11, WPT Warm up Day 1B buy in is €340 and €200K GTD. On March, 12 at 14:00 the WPT Warm Up Day 1C (€200K GTD)   €300 + €40. The WPT Vienna main event Day 1 will take place on March 15 for a buy in €3,000 + €300, whereas the WPT Vienna main event Day 1b will be held on March 16 for a buy in €3,000 + €300.

The WPT 8-Max day 1 is also on the card on March 18 and the buy in is €1,000 + €100, whereas the WPT 8-Max Final Day will be held on March, 19 at 15:00.

The prestigious and one of the biggest buy in events of the championship hat is WPT High Roller Kicks off on March 19, at 17:00 P.M and the buy in is €6,700 + €300, whereas the WPT High Roller Final Day will take place on March 20,2016 at 15:00 and the buy in is of course €6,700 + €300.