WSOP Returns for Horseshoe Southern Indiana

By | October 1, 2015

WSOP is returned to one of its super poker tournaments i.e. for Horseshoe Southern Indiana. This particular event would be hosted from October 1 to October 11. Total 12 events would be played in all these poker gaming days which means 12 gold rings would be available for the winners of each event.

The main event of the tournament will be played at October 10th for a $1,675 buy in. Events like Turbo and pot Limit Omaha are also on the card. The winner of the main event will get a chance to bid for global casino championship for the year 2016.

Here is the schedule for the Horseshoe Southern Indiana poker championship:-

The tournament will start on October 1 at 12 p.m. The first event is for No- Limit Holdem and the buy in for this event is $365.

The event number two will be played at October 2 at 12 P.M. for the game No Limit Hold’em Re Entry (A), to which the buy is also $365.

On day third of the tournament the same No Limit Hold’em for Re Entry (B) will be played. The buy in is $365.

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On the same day oct. 4th later at 5 p.m the game No Limit Hold’em will go thoruhgh for $365 buy in.

October 5 12 p.m will see a game for No Limit Six Handed which also has a buy in of $365.

October 6th at 12 P.M and for event#6 the game is No Limit Hold’em ($365).

Event#7 is on October 7; 12 P.M for No-Limit Hold’em Bounty ($100 Bounties)…Buy in ($365).

Event#8:- No Limit Hold’em($365) on Oct.8 P.M.

Event#9:- Pot –Limit Omaha ($365) will be hosted at Oct.8, 4 P.M.

Event#10:- Main Event of Flight A will be in nature at Oct. 9 at 12 P.M and the buy in is $1,675.

Event#10:- is also for main event ($1,675) of flight B. The time is Oct. 10, 12 P.M.

Event #11:- is for No Limikt Hold’em and for $365 buy in. The date is Oct. 10, 3 P.M onwards.

The last event#12 will be hosted at October 11 and at 12 P.M for the game No Limit Hold’em ($365).