WSOP: – Senior man Travis Baker Wins Event 40th of No Limit

By | June 24, 2015

The Great World series Of Poker Tournament of 2015 is going on in Las Vegas and players from around the world have gathered here to take their chances of making real money while gambling. Here are the Events/ winners and Updates about the Tournament.

A contraction man from Oklahoma, Travis Baker has won the 40th event of the tournament. This is the first senior event of this year where Travis played for. He made his $1000 buy in to a great $613,466. Mr. Travis told to the reporters that he is a regular guy and plays weekend tournaments only.

A total 4,193 players were at the tournament for this event and baker took 35 minutes to win the events first prize i.e. a great sum of total. Travis won his first WSOP bracelet and was really amazed by the results.


Event #42:- Updates about $1500 of extended play holds with No Limit Holdem

This particular tournament is going on with final 26 players are in the game including barny boatman, the great UK poker player. The tournament might end on Tuesdays but it can go even longer due to its very slow speed and structure.

Event #43:- update about $1000 super senior No Limit

This tournament is for age group of 65+. The tournament right now is having 25 players with it whereas the game started with 1,533 players.

Event #44:- Poker Player championship of $50000

In this event of $50000 for poker player’s championship, there are total 47 players playing the game out of 84 participants. This number is less than the year 2014 and therefore it is moving down in popularity.

Event #45:- The event is about No Limit Holdem for $1500

This event of No Limit Holdem of $1500 is one of the most popular events which take place at WSOP. It subscribed for a great number of players 1,655 for a total prize of $2,234,250. As many as 260 players are still in the business including Brayden fritzshall.

Event #46:- This event is for Pot- Limit Omaha handed and for $3000

This event of the tournament is also very important and is very popular among players. A total number of 682 players have subscribed for the event but now at this time they have 154 remaining players for the event and title. The event has a sum total prize of $1,861,860 whereas the winner takes $437,575 at home. This is really good for WSOP players.

This was a bit of news from the ongoing WSOP 2015 tournament. I’ll let you know everything regarding the tournaments and every updates about the winner as well as the winning prizes.